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How To Use Cool Gear

How to Use Your Cool Bandanas, Cool Daggs, Cool Banditos, and Cool Doggs

 ∑Just soak your Cool Bandanna in cold water for about 15 minutes or so until it swells up about a half an inch spread evenly throughout the bandana and you are ready to keep cool for the rest of the day. DO NOT OVER SOAK. It will keep expanding.

∑It will not soak your shirt or leave any residue.

∑You can from time to time, re-soak it in some cold water just to get a refreshing feel, but it really does its work by using the evaporation cooling process to lower the temperature in your blood. Itís the dampness that keeps you cool.

 ∑If you are out camping, at a sports event or any outside activities, in order to keep the crystals cooled off, we suggest:
 A) Soak Bandana
 B) Put in Zip Lock Bag ( allows the crystals to cool off, without soaking up the evaporation and over swelling)
 C) Put in Cooler ( in the zip lock bag)
 D) Allows you to keep your bandana colder without over soaking.


 Feel like it isnít cool? Flip over the bandana to feel cool again. You'll know it's really working for you when you forget you've got it on, and all of a sudden, you realize that you're not hot and sweaty like you usually are at that point. That's when you know it really works!

∑Re-use it over and over.

∑To wash, just hang up to dry until it dissipates a little, and hand wash in regular detergent. ∑Donít wash in a washing machine. It will keep on swelling and absorbing the soapy water.

Water from different sources will have different effects on the polymer. Hard water with a lot of minerals and salts will not work as well as soft water. Distilled water is, obviously, the best, but if your water has a lot of minerals, try filtered water if you have it.

COOL DOGS BANDANAS: Soak in cold water for 20-25 minutes. The Velcro tab attaches to the collar and the Velcro strap is adjustable around your dogís neck. Hand wash and line dry when needed. DO NOT OVER SOAK! It will keep expanding.
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